'As an art educator and visual artist, my practice explores the body as a territory for ‘un-precious’ objects. A deep investigation into materials prompts me to construct a narrative to celebrate the ordinary. By re-appropriating found objects and discarded fragments, I attempt to find new ways to combine challenging, contrasting materials. Through the intervention of objects from the natural world, which are at odds with our urban existence, I try to lead the observer into a hidden imaginary world to experience a constellation of forms, colors and contrasts. The deliberate deceptive quality of my chosen materials and their manipulation is intrinsic to my work as their interplay creates layers of meaning within the hybrid forms. Thus, a process of constant mediation between realism and artifice begins, where one is confronted with questions regarding the notions of authenticity, value and preciousness by undertaking a subtle journey of deception and illusion. Through a further examination of the positions of the maker, wearer and the viewer, my work provokes a broader dialogue around our everyday engagement with jewelry and objects.


My commitment to contemporary jewelry is not only expressed through the objects I create, but also through a dedicated approach to my teaching practice. After a postgraduate degree in Design from UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, and having invested over fifteen years in the tertiary education sector teaching, developing curricula, educational materials and skill training workshops for faculty, professionals, craftspeople and students, I have developed a keen interest into the collaborative nature of traditional craft and contemporary design. This has led to the implementation of several design interventions for craftspeople and women, especially from underdeveloped communities.


As an Ambassador for Art Jewelry Forum and a contributing writer for Garland Magazine, a World Crafts Council publication, my role includes representing and encouraging conversation on a global forum through writing, publishing, and collaboration in addition to showing my work nationally as well as internationally. ' 



Email: sahrbashir@gmail.com

Instagram: @sahrbashir